Torch Passing, Part 3 (aka yes, having a job takes a lot of time)

Hi Everyone!

Like Shane and Alice, my time has come to pass the torch on to some other young whippersnapper who can continue to think big thoughts, throw cool ideas around, amuse us with archaeologically-focused humor, and represent the interests of graduate students working in the Southeast.


However, unlike Shane and Alice…  I don’t have one perfect person in mind, so I would like to make a public call for graduate students who might be interested in taking my spot here at SEAC Underground.  I invite anyone to send me an email ( if they might be interested or if they have someone that they’d like to put forward as a suggestion!  I’ll be sending out an email to the SEAC Student Affairs Committee listserv as well as I want to make sure to reach a wide audience and get some good new blood!  Please spread the word.



Torch Passing, Part 2: Welcoming Christina Sampson

To everything, there is a season, or so I’ve heard. My own grad student season was marked by occasional hiccups but many more delights; participating in the SEAC Underground blogging community certainly numbered among the latter. What started as a way to continue conversations begun at the annual meeting became one of my favorite venues for reading and writing, and I am so grateful for all that I learned from my co-authors and commenters over the last few years.

But, as Shane recently mentioned, most of our original blogging crew is in a new season, in which lesson plans, student advising, project directing, and in some cases, itty bitty babies leave little time for regular blogging. Rather than allow SEAC Underground to burn out or fade away, we are happy to report that a new generation of grad student bloggers will be taking over.

In my stead, you will find Christina Sampson, a graduate student at the University of Michigan and thoroughly rad human being. In addition to her deets from the department website (below), you can learn more about her interests and fieldwork at her own blog Erastoria, which I can’t recommend enough.


Christina, Morgan, and other new additions to the SEAC Underground roster promise to breathe new life into this little corner of the internet, and I hope you will enjoy hearing from them as much as I will. Thanks for a good run, SEAC U. It’s be an honor, a privilege, and a helluva lot of fun.

AP, out.


A new school year, a new face – SEAC Underground, meet Morgan Smith.

Hello all,

When we started this blog, it was initially supposed to be a venue for grad students to share their thoughts about Southeastern Archaeology. I felt like we were pretty successful with that, and we built a blog that routinely gets several hundred hits per post and close to 33,000 total views.

In other words, this site has turned into a giant bullhorn, but the frequency of the posts has dropped dramatically. Why? Several of us graduated and landed jobs. So, instead of writing blog posts as a “dissertation distraction,” I make powerpoints and go to meetings. Based on my conversations with Meg, Alice, and Matt,they are doing roughly the same.

After batting a few emails around, I have decided to hand over my spot on the blog to someone else.

So, everyone, meet Morgan Smith, the person who will keep up to date on the comings and goings of Paleoindian Archaeology in the southeastern US.

Here’s the blurb from his departmental page:

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 10.24.23 AM