Congress, the NSF, Archaeology, and Anthropology…

Hello Greater Southeastern Archaeology Hive-Mind,

Everyone should take a peek at this:

And in particular, this quote:

More than half of the grants appear to involve work outside the United States. The largest number—29—were funded through NSF’s Social, Behavioral and Economic (SBE) sciences directorate. Of those, 21 came from SBE’s behavioral and cognitive sciences division, including a number of grants in archeology and anthropology. But six of NSF’s seven directorates and its Office of Polar Science also funded grants on Smith’s hit list.

Does this mean we’re doing something wrong? Are we dropping the ball on communicating the relevance of what we study?

Or are we doing something right in that “the powers that be” are threatened by what we do, because we’ve historically challenged the status quo?

Either way…I’m going to listen to some Rage Against the Machine this morning.