URGENT: Georgia SB 346


Please see the link below in regards to the Georgia senate’s proposed SB 346:

Link to The Society for Georgia Archaeology’s Call to Action!


It has very recently come to light that the Georgia state senate have scheduled a hearing for TODAY, February 23rd, at 4:00pm for Senate Bill 346. SB 346 proposes to exempt state-funded road projects under $100 million from review under the Georgia Environmental Policy Act. This bill would put both cultural and environmental resources at great risk for destruction as mediation of these resources would not be required for projects under a $100 million budget. Please help by sending emails to the members of the Senate Transportation Committee, stressing our strong opposition to the proposed bill. Included below are the names and emails of the committee members as well as an email draft prepared by Joseph Roberts, President of the Society for Georgia Archaeology.  Please feel free to amend as you feel fit to reflect your own positions, affiliations, etc…

Click here for SB 346 text.

Senate Transportation Committee Members:

Tommie Williams (District 19), tommie.williams@senate.ga.gov
Vice Chairman:
Steve Gooch (District 51), steve.gooch@senate.ga.gov
Brandon Beach (Bill Co-sponsor) (District 21), Brandon.Beach@senate.ga.gov
Ex-Officio Members:
Ginn, Frank (District 47), frank.ginn@senate.ga.gov
Heath, Bill (District 31), billheath@billheath.net
Seay, Valencia (District 34), valencia.seay@senate.ga.gov
Butler, Gloria S. (District 55), gloria.butler@senate.ga.gov
Dugan, Mike (District 30), Mike.Dugan@senate.ga.gov
Jackson, Bill (District 24), bill.jackson@senate.ga.gov
Jones, Burt (District 25), Burt.Jones@senate.ga.gov
Lucas, David (District 26), David.Lucas@senate.ga.gov
Tippins, Lindsey (District 37), lindsey.tippins@senate.ga.gov
Watson, Ben (District 1), ben.watson@senate.ga.gov
Prepared Email:

The Society for Georgia Archaeology (SGA) and Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists (GCPA) are deeply concerned by Senate Bill 346. It proposes to exempt state-funded road projects under $100 million from review under the Georgia Environmental Policy Act (GEPA). The GEPA process ensures state agencies like the GDOT take environmental effects into account during government undertakings. In our view, this proposed exemption is arbitrary and threatens Georgia’s irreplaceable archaeological sites and shared cultural heritage.

The great state of Georgia contains world-class archaeological sites, from evidence of ancient Clovis peoples, the first known inhabitants of North America, to monumental American Indian mound sites and villages. In Georgia, you can find the encampments of Spanish Conquistadors, among the earliest historic sites in the entire nation, as well as antebellum plantation and slave sites, Civil War battlefields and POW camps, and other spectacular historic places up through the modern day. These places are important to our heritage and contain extremely important information about Georgia’s past. Some are also final resting places and hallowed ground.

Senators of the Transportation Committee, as you consider this legislation please remember that GEPA does not regulate private construction or put any burdens on the state’s businesses. GEPA simply makes sure that state government undertakings are done conscientiously, with due consideration to environmental resources such as water quality, ecology, history, and archaeology. Please support Georgia’s cultural heritage and environmental quality by opposing SB 346. For any questions about Georgia archaeology or the issues raised, please see the SGA and GCPA websites or contact the present leaders of the respective organizations directly: SGA President Joseph Roberts, 404-583-0495 or GCPA President Richard Moss, 678-910-0792.




3 comments on “URGENT: Georgia SB 346

  1. Suzanne ingleright says:

    Ancient history is not legislated by current lawmakers. It already belongs to humanity. Having a job to do does not mean trashing whatever is in the way. States need to give definitive help I. E. Special funding to archeology schools to address finds in a timely manner.

  2. Kara Bridgman Sweeney says:

    Thank you for posting, Jake. There is still time to share our concern over this bill. This is an update posted late yesterday by The Society for Georgia Archaeology:

    “Senate Bill 346 is expected to go before the Georgia Senate in the coming days. The Senate Transportation Committee heard from the SGA President and other concerned citizens at a committee hearing yesterday. The committee did not allow all the members of the public present to speak to voice their opposition to the bill. The passage of this bill would have national implications for cultural resources. It threatens to impact small businesses in Georgia. The legislation also directly threatens environmental resources overall, as it would exempt studies for environmental effects reports for state funded transportation projects. We need you all to contact your Georgia Senator in order for them to hear your voice. Please visit http://thesga.org/…/attention-lovers-of-georgia-archaeology/ to learn more about the proposed legislation and how to contact your State Senator (http://www.senate.ga.gov/senat…/en-US/SenateMembersList.aspx).”

  3. dover1952 says:

    Well, Geez. What will they dream up next? I hope they can stop this.

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