The Terrific Tome of Topper Testing

Hello folks! It’s good to be on here, thanks for all the sweet torch passing stuff. My torch has been hanging up on the rack since Shane handed it to me, so I’ll go ahead and use it to sweep the cobwebs out of the way and re-awaken the posting!

It’s not everyday someone gets their PhD. Maybe that’s because graduation is in May and December… Regardless, since I’m supposed to crow about recent Southeastern Paleoindian studies, congratulations to Doug Sain! Doug recently completed his PhD at the University of Tennessee under major professor David Anderson. Much congratulations to Doug on achieving what we all grad students eventually yearn for. I contacted Doug and he was gracious enough to allow me link his dissertation here. His and other dissertations are downloadable through the Tennessee Research and Creative Exchange at: 

If it takes your computer a while to download it, it’s probably not a slow internet connection… Doug has set the bar with a 2,400 page dissertation. That’s right slackers, most of you are around 2,000 pages short! His excellent work on the pre-Clovis industry at Topper is chronicled within this document, where he extensively considered human versus natural causes for the bend break assemblage found at Topper in pre-Clovis contexts.

Nice going, Doug!


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