On Slayer and Lewis Binford….

Last night, while completing what I hope are the last edits to my dissertation, I stumbled across this…

Two twelve year old girls interviewing Tom Araya of Slayer.

Yes. You read that right. Slayer.

This has to be one of the best band interviews ever. My favorite part is when one of the girls asked him to name all of the Spice Girls.

The singer of “Raining Blood” and “Angel of Death” can name some of the Spice Girls.

This interview is pretty amazing because 1) it’s random and 2) the girls aren’t trying to be cool. They’re just asking fun questions.

This got me to thinking: What are some fun questions I would ask some of the heavy hitters in archaeology?

First, I would ask Lewis Binford how long it took him to make his forager/collector graphics. I believe he drafted all of these graphs out by hand on a drafting table. This must have taken forever, and I wonder if he enjoyed doing that more than writing the actual articles.


Second, I would ask V. Gordon Childe what he thought about his style. Because, if he were alive today, his hipster game would be STRONG.


How about you? What would be a silly question that you would ask a famous archaeologist?


3 comments on “On Slayer and Lewis Binford….

  1. dover1952 says:

    I would like to ask one, but the famous archaeologist in question is still alive and we might end up in court if I were to ask it.

  2. Alice Wright says:

    For William Henry Holmes (archaeologist by association?): Why did you initiate the Smithsonian’s Moundbuilder expeditions when and how you did? How did folks react when you asked them to conduct/fund this fieldwork? And, assuming I have resurrected him in 2014 to ask him these questions, what do you think about the last 100 years or so of research on the mounds, their builders, and the dismantling of related myths?

    For Kent Flannery: we’ve already “met” the Real Mesoamerican Archaeologist, the Skeptical Grad Student, etc. Are there any new archetypal archaeo-characters populating our disciplinary landscape in 2014?

    For Shane Miller: how much would it take to get you do adopt ol’ VG’s swagger/style/stache as you begin your career educating the youth of America?

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