2013 SEAC Student Paper Competition Submissions

After seeing the incredible showing in the Student Paper Competition at SEAC this year, the idea was thrown around that we at seacunderground could start a new tradition by offering to host people’s paper submissions if they were willing to post them.  This would give everyone a chance to see the kinds of excellent scholarship our friends and colleagues are doing, especially when its next to impossible to see everyone’s presentations at SEAC itself. And as always, we encourage anybody to post constructive comments, questions, suggestions, and/or additional sources that might improve the research.

I have started a new section under the Working Papers tab.  If you would like to post your 2013 Paper submission, you can send it to me (cranford@unc.edu) and I will be happy add it, or you can post a link to it in the comments section if its uploaded elsewhere (i.e., academia.edu).



4 comments on “2013 SEAC Student Paper Competition Submissions

  1. Shane says:

    Great idea. I wonder if we have only a few people do this, we open it up to any student paper?

  2. Meg says:

    I was wondering about that too… especially since I know how often I can’t get my paper done in time for the deadline. However, it also seems like it could get out of hand to have one of us upload all of them though….

  3. Shane says:

    Maybe open it up, and see what kind of response we get? I bet we won’t have too many. Cranford, what are your thoughts?

  4. David Cranford says:

    Thats fine with me. The more the merrier. I think you’re probably right though, I doubt we’ll be flood with requests.

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