Kuddos to Meg and the SEAC Underground Project

I’m writing this small post during the lunch break on the second full day of the 2012 SEAC conference in Baton Rouge. The conference leaves little time for blogging, but I want to make sure that Meg is commended for her professional and poignant discussion comments in yesterday’s Plenary Session. Thanks for promoting the SEAC Underground project so eloquently yesterday, Meg. Great job!


4 comments on “Kuddos to Meg and the SEAC Underground Project

  1. David Cranford says:

    Ditto! Great Job.

  2. jayur says:

    Congrats to Meg as well! More generally, very cool website!

  3. Alice Wright says:

    It’s posts like this that make me wish there was a “Like” button of wordpress. Because I like this a lot!

  4. Meg says:

    Thanks everyone! It seems to have gotten a really good reception among SEACers in general, so YAY in general for the graduate student voice being heard! Thanks to all of you who gave me thoughts and ideas on how to improve it (either directly or just by being a contributor here and making me reflect on the discipline a bit through your interesting posts)! Can’t wait to see if it attracts some attention to the blog!

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